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Vol. 19 #4 - Issue 99


Be a Landsknecht
Put down your beer and bratwurst: it's time to dress like a lord, fight like the devil, loot like a brigand, and rut like a Renaissance rooster. Nobody's sword or codpiece is bigger than a Landsknecht!

Compagnons Du Devoir
We visit the artisans and craftsmen who for centuries have held sacred the secret spirit of creation and community. Saving the past, they restore, revive and recreate arts, skills and techniques through an organization begun as far back as the medieval era and which still thrives today.

The Village Blacksmith
Explore the old quarter of Tire in the herat of one of western Turkey's largest and most traditional markets, and meet two blacksmith (the English "farrier"), the men whose ancient craft keeps equines well shod.

Make Your Own Viking Shield
In the heat of battle, you need to know that you can trust your equipment. By making your own gear, you can contrl all aspects of the project, and be satisfied that the materials you picked are sound. But you don't want to go broke, either! We'll show you how to make a sturdy Viking shield for less than eighty dollars.

Modern Day Renaissance Talismanic Magic
To the renaissance person, many aspects of material life were linked to the divine and celestial. We'll introduce you to three contemporary mages of renaissance magic, who have joined their creative talents to produce powerfully charged talismans for the modern renaissance man or woman in need of love, wealth, health, or protection.

Piffaro, The Renaissance Bank Interview
A personal talk with the very talnted early music ensemble that hails from Philadelphia.

Paolo Garbanzo, Entertainer Extraordinaire
We hang out with celebrated juggle Paolo Garbanzo (known to civilians as Paul Hudert), a veteran of the well-known Flying Karamozov Brothers troupe who has traveled across Europe and U.S. to renfaires and festivals.



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