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Marriage in Tudor England
When it comes to understanding the intricacies of everyday life and relationships, marriage can be a special challenge. Though there have been numerous television shows and films set in 16th-century England, the impressions we get about marriage and family life are not always clear or representative. Writer Charlotte Fiehn tells us about the myths and the reality..

The Garments of King Robear
“To me, each garment is a sculpture made with textiles,” says artist-turned-clothing-designer Robert Lamarche. Interviewer Ellen Seiden opens a window into his career and design philosophy.

Kumpania Paramitsha
He had gone as a patron, hoping to see his friends who were performing. And then he found the Roma. Our scribe Andrew Parkhill relates some of the history surrounding this misunderstood culture, often labeled “gypsies,” and his experiences as co-founder and performer with Kumpania Paramitsha, the Roma re-enactment guild.

The Three Types of Arms and Armor
How can you tell whether an armor-clad fairegoer is a jouster, a battle re-enactor or just getting ready for trick-or-treat? Our scribe J. Morgan Kuberry lets you in on the signs that will help you make the distinctions between the different types of armor.

Trobairitz: The Voices of Medieval Women
Troubadors did not completely corner the market on medieval songs of courtly love. In 12th-century France, courtly love was celebrated in the songs and poems of both troubadours and their female counterparts, the trobairitz. Alexis Lantgen enlightens us regarding this group of talented medieval noblewomen.




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