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Beer Comes to England
Throughout the Middle Ages, ale was the favorite beverage of the peple of the British Isles. We reveal how by the 15th century foreign beer began to compete with native ale, especially in southeastern England.

Bread: The Staff of Life
We take a fresh look at one of the most ancient foodstuffs. Whether thou art pauper, peasant, or prince, bread is a nutritional keystone of civiliztion, and nourishes on both a physical and spiritual level. Is it no wonder that they very process of bread making is analogous to the cycle of birth, life, and death?

Four Dragons of the Oracle
Through legend, myth or lore, almost every culture in the Middle Ages had some association with dragons. We explore these mythical creatures in the Druid tradition.

Feasts and Cookery in the SCA
Not surprisingly, delicious and authentic foods make up an integral part of the SCA's culture. We hear firt-hand from some of the top cook in the SCA who make food preparation and service a vital part of the SCA experience.

Civic Pride: Group Portraits from Amsterdam
We take you to the National Gallery of Art for a very special exhibit of 17th century portraiture, a time when large multi-figure, group portraits of professional and executive leaders became a spectacular form of public art.

Special Recipes
In this issues, we present delicous recipes for roast duck with honey-Dijon ale sauce from the late 15th century, a delicate watercress and violet salad from 1475, and a hearty four bean burgoo.

Herbs and Spices for Gruit Beer
Brews in the Middle Ages enjoyed a large amount of diversity while suffering from a short shelf life. Before the introduction of hops as a preservative, the short shelft life of ales meant that it was constantly being brewed and consumed. Although herby beers ("gruit") were brewed and consumed locally, they often contained spices and dried herbs that were tr4aded across continents.


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