How the Magazine Got Started

Like most children, I was brought up on the fairy tales of King Arthur and knights in shining armor. But it wasn't until 1992 when a friend invited me to accompany him to the New York Renaissance Festival that my interest in the Renaissance blossomed.
   Like many, I was awestruck by the number of people who "lived" their characters--dressing in period costume, assuming medieval personas, and speaking fluently in faire accent. But even then, the renaissance "experience" was just a passing moment in my life.
   Then in 1994, my husband and I decided to have a renaissance wedding. When I began to organize the music, decorations, costuming, and entertainment, I was amazed by the lack of reference material available to the mainstream public. After attending a few faires and making many phone calls, we pulled off a memorable evening, but without a comprehensive source for renaissance information, planning the event was difficult and time consuming. It was then that my idea for a Renaissance Magazine germinated. After the wedding I went to work and a year later our first issue premiered in January, 1996.

­­Lady Kimberly

The Most Honourable Creator of this Cherished Gazette


Lady Kimberly of Sherburne Isle, Chronicler

A graduate of Yale University, a black belt in Aikido, and the publisher, editor, and creator of Renaissance Magazine, Lady Kimberly resides with her husband Sir Louis, two faithful canine companions--Sir Jerry and Sir Puccini--as well as her feline familiar Merlin, in a modest island castle.

Together with Lady Monique of Harring Town, Duke Shadow of Hippopotomi, and Mistress Lerisa of Actionshire, Lady Kimberly created and were the original founders of Renaissance Magazine and prepared the first issues most diligently in the dungeons beneath her castle.

Today, Renaissance Magazine is proud to be owned by Queue, Inc. located in Stratford, Connecticut, USA.

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