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The Kid Who Would Be King

Opening TODAY, January 25, 2019, The Kid Who Would Be King gives us an exciting retelling of the legend of Arthur, the sword-in-the-stone, the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, and Morgana like nothing we have seen before. Renaissance Magazine had the chance to chat...

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Unsolicited Dick Pics (NSFW)

When we tell you that we are going to present you with a host of unsolicited Dick pics, you probably assume we mean something like this: Good guess! But, no. Penises in Peculiar Places (with a Side of Spectacularly Strange Ballsacks) From the Artemision Bronze to...

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Wheels, Carousels, and Overwhelmed Scholars

You might have seen this image floating around on social media: This beautiful gadget that looks like a portable water wheel is a book wheel. The one in this image being passed around is from the Georgian era (early 18th century), but they go back even farther. The...

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