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Med(ieval) Gala

Clearly, the fashions of the Middle Ages and Renaissance were different from today, but sometimes the fashions were just different...full stop. Welcome to the annual Med(ieval) Gala! As always the dazzling style makers are set to walk the red carpet. Let’s see who’s...

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Field to Fashion

Clothing in the post-industrial age is cheap and disposable. If we grow tired of something or outgrow it, it is easy enough to get something else, usually the same day we make the decision to get new clothes. This is a loooong way from clothing in the Middle Ages....

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Blobs of Bog Butter

We adore alliteration around here, so bog butter gets extra points for it’s alliterative name. But, what is it? You may have heard earlier this year that a 22-pound chunk of the churched dairy product was dug up in Ireland. But, finding bog butter happens far more...

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