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SCA Persona Guide (HysHis Style)

The 9 Stages of Persona Building This one is for our SCA friends. Two members of Hysterical History play in the SCA (we'll note here that one of us has an English persona and one of us has a Welsh persona). This post comes from a place of love...and snark. So, you are...

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Dirty, Filthy People

One thing everyone will tell you is that medieval people did not bathe. As a Ren faire actor, I hear this one A LOT.  Just watching TV shows and movies purportedly set in the Middle Ages you can see a bunch of dirty, filthy people in drab brown clothes. Thank goodness...

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Drunk History?

  One thing we at Hysterical History hear quite a bit from folks is that people in the Middle Ages drank alcohol all the time because the water was unsanitary This rather gives the impression of all manner of folk, from toddlers to grannies to priests to masons, being...

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