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Issue 117 – Jul 2017

Welcome to España!

In this issue, we take a look at another big player who left its mark on Medieval and Renaissance Europe, a nation with a mix of cultures and lofty political ambitions. Here we will explore the Celtic and Moorish influences on Spain, as well as the way Spain influenced Italy. We will follow Spain across the Atlantic to South America and witness the culture clash that took place there. We also learn about the roles the church played in the evolving lives of Spaniards. And let’s not forget the food of Spain! Yuuuummmm!!!!! Because of the many cultural layers to a Spanish meal, we offer two courses of Spanish food exploration. Join El Cid and his compatriots in “Castle Kitchen,” and get a second helping in our feature article on “Everyday Eating in Medieval Iberia.” You can visit two Spanish monasteries, one on our own soil, North Miami Beach, and the other in Granada, Spain. You’ll learn how we came to have Two Sicilies and discover the oldest continuously operating hotel in the world. You are sure to marvel at the rich architecture and art covered in these pages. We hope you enjoy this issue on Spain!