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Issue 118 – Sep 2018

When we think of death in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, we typically think of rats and the Plague, known as the Black Death, that swept through Europe and Asia, killing a quarter of the population. But then there was the mysterious Dancing Plague that caused people to literally dance themselves to death; multiple wars; and murderous nobles. In Switzerland, the Spreuer Bridge has many paintings depicting death and a story that goes along with it. Speaking not of death but fun and frivolity, you won’t want to miss this issue’s feature of Texas Renaissance Festival and our double shot of small(er) Faires with Dragonfest Renaissance Faire and the Idaho Renaissance Faire. Learn to play a new version of Twister, with a Heraldry ‘spin’ and discover the Book of Hours. Take a sneak peek at being a kid living the life of a full-time Rennie on the road. And you won’t be disappointed by the many, many wonderful photos in this issue!