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A magical moment as Renaissance Magazine returns, once again bringing the history of the medieval and Renaissance eras to your doorstep.

New Articles on “Old Stuff”!

Ever wonder how kids visiting medieval Sherwood Forest might have lived?  Your children can find out by visiting the Sherwood Forest Summer Camp.

Want to up your garb-game?  Read up on how to Dress Like a Lady in the 14th and 15th centuries and check out how to Make a Petticoat.  Are you a fighter?  Surprise everyone with your knowledge of the Knights! Exhibit at Worcester Museum or the history of Cloth Armor.

Of course, we’ve got information that will surprise your friends and make great dinner conversation over your Apple Cherry Hazelnut Crumble.  I’m sure they’ve heard of the Irish potato famine, but you can wow them with the history of how the Potato Came to France.  Or reference your current job to Medieval Guilds.

Find out about Mummers, read an interview with Candice Knight, and go On the Road with Chaste Treasure.

Combine all of this with items of interest, cartoons, music and book reviews, and you can see that Renaissance Magazine has returned!