Clearly, the fashions of the Middle Ages and Renaissance were different from today, but sometimes the fashions were just different…full stop.

Welcome to the annual Med(ieval) Gala! As always the dazzling style makers are set to walk the red carpet. Let’s see who’s shaking up the fashion world today!

If you thought the high-low look was passe, think again! This fresh take features scallops and a bold belt of twisted fabric. Reminiscent of Hailee Steinfeld in 2014, this looks blends classic and fun…but with a built-in seat cushion.

These fine gentlemen in their fancy hats have clearly taken a page from Billy Porter’s playbook. If it isn’t one step past fabulous, why did you even bother? It’s a look that combines the pageantry of the joust field with Easter Sunday.

Speaking of fabulous and hats…SOMEONE clearly liked the aesthetic of Aquaman.

There is A LOT going on here. This dress is elegance with a side of Didn’t-Come-To-Play. Ermine lined from top to bottom and what are these laces even lacing? Gold embroidery and a hennin that won’t stop.

Speaking of extra extra, this dashing dandy hasn’t met a trend he didn’t like. Stripes? YES! Circles? YES! Fringe? YES YES! And the hat just caps it all off. See what I did there?

We were unable to get an image of these bad boys in actions, but dude is going to ROCK these peacock feather butterfly wings! Let’s just say that again…peacock feather….butterfly wings.

This dashing German fella is really working it. From the chaperon to his boots everything goes together perfectly…especially his purse! There are matching purses and then there’s statement pieces like this matching purse.

We love the whimsical outfits that grace the pink carpet! And this is no exception. An homage to the infamous scene where  Hogwart’s letters whisk around the Dursley’s living room, this is a work of art as much as it is an outfit. Curious as to how they plan to sit down…

Literally stellar! This cosmic creation is a show stopper. It’s like Lady Gaga all over again – sublime and peculiar!

There’s one every year, I suppose. Someone who thinks edgy equals relevant. But, in this case we love it. Snakes as nipple rings is rather evocative of Frida Kahlo and we’re always on board with that!

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