The 9 Stages of Persona Building

This one is for our SCA friends. Two members of Hysterical History play in the SCA (we’ll note here that one of us has an English persona and one of us has a Welsh persona). This post comes from a place of love…and snark.

So, you are new to the Society for Creative Anachronism. You’ve been told when fighter practice is and you’ve been invited to some guild meetings. And everyone keeps talking about their personas and you feel like you should get one, too. To help ease the process, here’s a little guide on what to expect when deciding on a persona. 

1. Think of something cool, like Vikings!*

*Yes, I know it's Norse.
This is absolutely NOT what the Norse looked like!


2. Realize half of everyone are Vikings.

The invasion has occurred! Hail and welcome, Ulfhild and Oddketil!


3. Consider being English, but decide that sounds boring.

Sooooo boooooring! Extra bored just thinking about it.


4. Decide to be Welsh instead. (It’s on the same island, after all)

Yeah, Welsh is cool! Odd facial hair notwithstanding.


5. Research names and learn you have no idea how to pronounce Welsh.

I'd like to buy a vow...nope...a conson...nope...a phoneme that makes sense!

6. Opt for Italian because Italian is sexy!

I'm too sexy for this book.

7. Realize that you are going to die under all the Italian Ren velvet.

We're not really in danger of a Little Ice Age...

8. See amazing garb on a German persona and decide to be German.

9. Spend a decade improving your German garb only to sit in on a Spanish clothing class at King’s College and then start all over. Viva la toca!

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's the pellote.

Cool your tits. We couldn't mention EVERYONE!


The 5 Types of Persona Play:

Maybe you already HAVE a persona, but aren’t really sure what to do with it. Here is a helpful guide to understanding the options available to you.

  1. The Basic – you have a name, yay!
  2. The Casual – you have a name AND a backstory.
  3. The Ham – you have a name, a backstory AND you play it up in Court
  4. The Ham and Cheese – you have a name, a backstory, roleplay at the entire event, AND write your Facebook posts as your persona
  5. The Succumbed – Меня зовут Василий. Я люблю долго гулять по пляжу и сражения на мостах.

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