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Renaissance Magazine accepts the following unsolicited content related to the Renaissance and Middle Ages for consideration:

  • Articles related to history, travel, Renaissance Faires, the SCA and related reenactment groups.
  • Interviews with artists, artisans, performers, reenactors, and scholars.
  • Book reviews (historical fiction and nonfiction are acceptable).
  • Music CDs and CD reviews.


The average feature article is approximately 1,500 words in length although longer work is sometimes considered. Sidebar information is also encouraged, as well as high-resolution graphics (400dpi or better), including copyright-free logos, illustrations, and photographs. Renaissance Magazine takes First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) and reprint rights on all work accepted.

All submissions should be in saved in an easy to read and edit format such as Google Doc, Microsoft Word, Text document, or similar.  We are unable to edit PDF documents.   Make sure to include article title and author name in document.

Attach your article in an email to

With you submission, include a brief bio of the author, any credits, and your contact information.

All work except a bardic column is subject to editing for space, grammar, and format considerations. If edits do not affect content, we will not notify the author in advance. Due to normal production factors, Renaissance Magazine cannot guarantee publication of any article, even if scheduled for inclusion. We make every effort to notify writers of the status of article(s) in our inventory. We reserve the right to reject previously accepted work at any time and for any reason.

If you are interested in writing for Renaissance Magazine, please send your submissions or queries to the Content Director at

Book and Music CD Reviews

We accept unsolicited reviews of renaissance and medieval-related books, including fiction, non-fiction and music CD’s. A high-resolution jpg scan of the original cover of the book jacket or CD MUST be available. Authors and publishers of Renaissance and Medieval-related books, games, software and music CD’s may submit a copy of their product to the below PO Box.


Payments will be based on flat fees determined by the type of article submitted and the length of the article

  • Feature article (1200-1500 words plus at least 6 images) – $150
  • Column piece (500 – 750 words plus at least 3 images) – $50
  • Column, Bardic (no picture necessary) – $20

Renaissance Magazine pays a flat fee of $7 per published image.  Special rates apply to artwork and graphic items.

In addition to authors’ fees, a contributor copy will be provided to each contributor.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Renaissance Magazine
PO Box 10140
Houston TX 77206

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